One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine bags of corn! One two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine cartons of ice cream! Seriously? How could I possibly have 9 bags of corn and 9 cartons of ice cream buried in my chest freezer? Okay, so maybe I could understand having the 9 bags of corn in there without my knowledge, but the ice cream too?! I knew I had a few cartons, but 9 cartons? How could I have that much ice cream and not know it? It was definitely time to clean out and organize the freezer.

I did a lot of looking on Pinterest to get some ideas on how to better organize my chest freezer. I finally settled on these Sterlite medium stacking baskets with handles. You can buy them individually at the Container Store or in a set of 6 online at Target. I ordered mine from Target. I was so glad when the baskets finally came in the mail! I thought they were a little small at first, but they really do work out very well. I love how they stack–just turn the handles in toward the center of the basket so that another basket can sit on top. Perfect!!


Next step was the defrosting of the freezer. Of course, I hadn’t done that in a long time! It was in definite need of defrosting! Since I never want to have my food out for too long, I always just unplug the freezer, take all the food out, and chisel away at the thick layer of ice with a plastic spatula. (Okay, maybe I’m just impatient.) Then I just scoop out the ice into buckets and dump it outside by my plants in the front garden (Or, as the case was this time….Nathan dumped them in piles in the front yard….What a pretty sight that was!…I am thankful for his help though.)

After getting it all cleaned out, it was time to organize everything into the baskets I had purchased. I have 2 baskets for breads, 2 for meats, 1 for veggies, and 1 for odds and ends. I also have other containers…a box for all the strawberries we picked, a bag with extra veggies (We’re trying to eat down all that corn!), and the sliding basket that came with the freezer. The section under the sliding basket is where I keep bigger items like cartons of ice cream. How could I forget the ice cream?

In another post I’ll tell you the next step in our chest freezer organization.

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